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Storage Wars?

Typically, in California and Texas, after 3 months of non payment on a public storage rental, the contents can be sold at auction. Different states have different rules, but it does not change the dilemma. Someone lost their stuff. I am sure this is a little embarrassing to the former owners of the contents, and even more so if it ends up on the A&E series Storage Wars which started in California but has now extended it’s reach to Texas and New York.

The show has gained critical acclaim, and critical disdain, which taken together seem to define a hit. The fact is that it is strangely, almost morbidly entertaining and, yet, painful to watch. I suppose that is what folks want to see, so I suppose that makes for what is now defined as good entertainment.

I have tried to watch, but just can’t get through the whole thing beginning to end at one setting. It is sort of like watching someone in pain. I know that it’s a reality, I just can’t avoid the mental symbolism of video vultures descending on the carcass of someones life story turned tragedy. The problem is not the show itself, or the concept of making money from found or bought treasure, it is the back story, whether told or untold that is the problem for me. It is just too painful, and unnecessary.

Storage war solutions

Yes, it is unneccessary. There is a simple solution to storage issues and losses due to not being able to pay the rent. Are you ready for this? Don’t rent storage space! It is that simple. Buy your own storage space instead and the problem will never come up.

Storage sheds are relatively inexpensive, and even if you have to buy your storage space by using a lease purchase agreement (which costs about the same as self storage rental) you will still be ahead because you are in effect, paying it out as you would a bank loan, and before to long, you will own your own storage space and not have to pay another cent.

Don’t see your possessions in syndication

Just imagine the thousands of dollars wasted on public storage before the cast and crew of “Storage Wars” ever arrives on site to view the remains. The owner never received any benefit from the contents, and probably spent more money than the contents were worth just to keep it, only to see it being carted away on TV. That is probably a little more public than they expected when renting public storage. Don’t let this happen to you! You don’t want to someday turn on the tube and see your prized possessions auctioned in syndication!

If your shed is running out of space you might consider renting extra storage units. They are an affordable and convenient short- or long-term storage solution.

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