Pole Barns: Post Frame Construction Sheds

Pole barns as sheds

Pole barns are sheds in the very essence of the word. Many pole barns have simple single direction shed roofs with no siding which are used for protecting livestock from weather.

Post frame construction advantages

That is not the end of the story with pole barns though. Pole barns, with their post frame construction can become just about any type of building you want them to be, from the simple single sloped roof type of basic cover, to more elaborate structures such as homes. Post frame construction is very strong by nature. It is tied to the ground at the base by the poles themselves. Add plumbing, a floor, electrical, walls, and a ceiling, and they are not distinguishable from a modern home, plus they can withstand wind speeds that would shred many other building types. They fit perfectly with another modern trend, that is, building with steel. Steel siding and post frame construction are made for each other. If you are planning to build your own shed or barn, post frame could be the best option for your project. Pole barns are strong, simple, easy to build, and can be finished out with the same extras that you would use with other forms of construction. Even if you do not plan to build your own barn or shed, post frame construction can be a less expensive option than other forms of construction. The strength of design allows for less material, and that coupled with the simplicity of construction can make the per square foot cost a lot less than standard methods.

Disadvantages of post frame construction

If you are building a small shed structure and portability is an issue, post frame construction is not for you, since by nature it is connected to the ground. You should consider other construction methods.

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