Top 20 Reasons To Buy A Shed

Some reasons why you might want, or even need a shed:

  1. To stop paying self storage fees
  2. To store tools
  3. To store equipment
  4. To use as a garden shed or potting shed
  5. Living quarters
  6. Get rid of clutter in your home
  7. Get rid of clutter in your yard
  8. To get rid of the stress caused by the clutter in your home and yard
  9. To store documents from your home office
  10. Create a home office
  11. Create a home gym
  12. Create a play room for kids
  13. Create a game room for yourself
  14. To create a game room for your kids
  15. Create a man cave
  16. Create a media room
  17. Create a work shop
  18. Create a craft room
  19. Create a guest room
  20. To clean out the garage so you can park your car or do any of the other things listed above in the garage.

According to our survey information, number 20 is actually the top reason for buying a shed.

Your top 20 may be different, so feel free to share your your thoughts in our comment section.

#1 Reason To Buy A Shed: Stress Relief

It is probable that the number one reason for owning a shed is to cut down on stress levels. There is marital tension, there is parental tension, there is workplace tension, and the place where you want to relieve that  workplace tension is at home… So, how can a simple shed help you deal with the everyday tensions of life?

Top five ways to reduce stress with a shed

1. Temporary housing for annoying in laws. If you buy or build a shed, and turn it into a guest home, you can cut your stress level by allowing them to stay in the nice new guest house you created just for them when they come to visit!
2. To get your wife off your back. How many times has she asked you to clean out the closet, or the spare room, or the garage, or get that trolling motor out of the pantry? Buying a shed where all of these things can be stored away neatly will reduce marital conflict by a factor of 10! We are just guessing here, but it sounds reasonable.
3. To get rid of the kids during the big game. Your shed can be turned into a nice playroom, or game room for your kids, that way, when the big game is on, you won’t have to suffer through the arguments about “wii”, or “World of Warcraft”, you can just send them out to the shed to play.
4. To get rid of the wife during the big game. Use the shed as a framework for building her a special room for her favorite activities.
5. To build a man cave as a hideout when you get locked out of your home for being such a jerk to your family and in laws during the big game. Be sure to add a TV, a refrigerator, and a cot, you may be out there for a while!

Outdoor Storage Sheds

Indoor Storage

Let’s face it, a lot of us store a lot of things inside our homes that would probably be a lot better stored elsewhere. Our garages are full of things other than our automobiles, our closets are full, and that little room under the stairs is full. I am willing to bet, that if you have a food pantry, it is probably stuffed with more appliances than food!

First of all, let me say that I am not opposed to having a lot of gadgets, it is the positive but cluttering result of good old capitalism, and there is nothing wrong with that!

All of those things cluttering up the indoors of your home, they comprise what we might call “indoor storage”.

Indoor Storage Vs. Outdoor Storage

For the reasons stated above, we need outdoor storage. The clutter becomes a problem inside the home. This is why:

  • It is a frustration when we need to reach something that is piled under a closet full of electronics.
  • It can be dangerous as a trip hazard, or if piled high enough, as a falling object hazard.
  • It creates an environment conducive to unwanted guests from the outdoors who use it for cover.
  • It creates a sense of disorder.
  • It has a negative impact on our emotional state.

Outdoor Storage Sheds

Indoor storage can be a problem, but what do you do with all those gadgets with which you just can’t part? That’s where outdoor storage comes in. Storage buildings offer an answer to your indoor storage problem. Storage sheds can give you emotional and physical relief from the “clutter monster” living in your closet by providing a place within a few steps from the home to help with your organization difficulties.

Outdoor storage sheds give you an opportunity to keep things near, without having them too close. They give you the tool that you need to organize your home. These storage buildings add a measure of safety in your life, and might just be able to help you park in your garage again!

Home Storage 20 Backyard Storage Tips

20 tips for backyard storage

If you are planning to use your shed for storage, we thought these tips might be helpful. If you don’t already have a shed for your storage needs, pay close attention to item number 1!  These tips are also relevant if you are using a self storage facility.

  1. Determine how much space you need and try not to skimp when you buy or build your shed. You will almost always need more than what you initially thought. Add 10 to 20% more space than you think you will need.
  2. Leave aisle space for easy access. If this is not possible, see rule number 1. Your boxes need some air space, and you need aisle space to get to them.
  3. Leave air space between the walls and your goods to prevent condensation damage. Air space allows space for air drying between bouts of humid weather, and will help to prevent any rot or fungal damage from spreading from box to box.
  4. If you plan to store items that need to remain perfectly dry, use some sort of pallet to keep them from absorbing moisture from the floor. Yep, you guessed it, it is the air space issue again.
  5. Label all boxes, you can even use color coded sticky dots and make a master list if you like.
  6. Keep a record of what’s inside the boxes, and inside the unit. Keep this list in a safe place in your home.
  7. Use strong containers. High quality cardboard boxes, or plastic tubs with lids will save time and frustration. They may cost a little more initially, but what they save in frustration is priceless.
  8. Don’t overfill. Overfilled boxes can be tough on you, and they can burst. Avoid back injuries from overly heavy boxes, and aneurysms from fits of anger when a box bursts!
  9. Do not under fill. Under filled boxes can be crushed when something is stacked on top of them.
  10. For heavy items, try to use small boxes, and fill them to capacity.
  11. For light materials, use larger boxes and fill them to capacity.
  12. Wrap breakables carefully using quilting, moving blankets, or bubble wrap, depending on the size of the stored item.
  13. Protect electronics and other dust sensitive items by covering them.
  14. Put the items that you will probably need first at the front of the storage unit for easy access. This may require a little extra planning, but it will save time and prevent stroke symptoms later.
  15. Stack materials according to weight. Heavy at the bottom, light at the top. Again, with the planning.
  16. Give some thought to insuring your stored items. If they are very valuable, insurance can be a life saver in the event of an emergency.
  17. Free standing shelves and racks can be utilized for organization. Adding a few racks or shelves can keep things organized and safe, and keep you from pulling out your own hair.
  18. Be sure that all appliances and equipment are drained, and dried prior to storage. Any machinery should be greased or lubricated beforehand.
  19. Store mirrors, pictures, and artwork on edge, and use protective wrapping.
  20. Store wooden handled hand tools like hammers and sledges so that the head is not come in contact with the floor. This will prevent the working end from becoming loose due to absorbing moisture.

Tips For Using Sheds

Some tips for getting the most out of the space you have

The proper use of your shed depends on it’s intended function. Of course, you know how to use your shed, but we wanted to toss out a few tips that make your already great ideas even better.

  1. If you are going to use your shed for storage, adding shelves or a loft might give you a little extra space. It can be done pretty easily with pre-built shelf kits, or just a little ingenuity on your part.
  2. Leaving some aisle space can save you a lot of frustration when you decide that you do, in fact, need that extra cell phone charger in the bottom of the bottom box in the very back corner.
  3. While on the subject of boxes, color coding your boxes before you store them away, and keeping a master list in the shed can be really helpful when you need something. Try buying some colored adhesive dots, and putting a number on each to match your list. (for instance: red dot=electronics 1=video camera etc.)
  4. If tool storage is your thing, consider magnetic strips for steel handled items, or installing a pegboard with pegs for them. For larger tools like rakes and shovels, a peg system works well, and, in a pinch, a small 30 gallon drum, or heavy trash can can be used to keep them with the handle down so that you have less tangling.
  5. If you are going to store heavier lawn equipment like gasoline powered mowers, consider buying, or building a ramp to make getting them inside easier. Ramps are cheap, and easy to build, and whatever effort you put forth to get one, will be save a thousand times over, and you will have fewer backaches.
  6. If you plan to do light work, like sharpening tools, or potting plants in your small shed, you can easily install a work bench in most shed types, and most dealers will install one for you for a small fee as well.
  7. If your sheds purpose is as a garden shed, adding a slatted potting bench can be a very valuable addition. Some extra shelves for holding plants as you pot them, or let them harden off will maximize it’s usefulness.
  8. Adding an electric line to your shed can give you that little bit of extra light you need to do your work or find your stuff. Be sure to follow local ordinances with all electrical installations.

There are a lot of other tips and tricks to maximize your minimal space, if you have some, feel free to share by commenting below.