Garden Shed Precautions

Portable buildings, that is, the common buildings used for outdoor storage, can serve many practical functions around the home, and even in the workplace.

There is one spot around the home where work and home life meet on a regular basis and that place is the home lawn and garden.

Garden shed uses

Garden buildings can be great for getting your tools and materials organized to make the work a lot easier and less stressful. Garden sheds can be set up with racks to hold tools, shelves to hold materials, ramps for driving or pushing lawn and garden equipment inside, and benches for garden work like potting plants, or sharpening tools.

Garden building precautions

When setting up your garden building, caution should be used to avoid creating new problems during placement. It would be a sad irony to create more work for yourself by trying to make your work more convenient.

Outdoor sheds and irrigation

Garden sheds should be set up properly to avoid causing problems. If the garden building is placed inside the irrigated area of the yard, the building will block irrigation somewhere, which will prevent a part of your lawn from receiving water. In such cases your irrigation will need to be adjusted to accommodate.

Backyard sheds and lawn layout

The outdoor shed will also change the layout of your lawn, and you will need to decide before placement whether you need it a little closer to the fence or a little further away to accomadate your mowing and trimming.

Utility buildings shade and heat

The new garden building will also pose a few potential problems that may be less obvious. The building will provide shade over an area that was not shaded before, and it will also intensify the heat from the sun in other places. This can be a problem for shade loving plants which might suffer from the added heat of the sunny side.


Be sure to plan carefully for availble space, making sure everything will fit. Keep in mind that the irrigation, and shade and light situation will change, and make any adjustments in the irrigation system and placement, as well as plant placement in the landscape which might be needed to avoid shade and heat problems related to the buildings presence.

Shed Uses | Commercial Sheds Work Sheds

Sheds are not limited to home use. For every backyard use, there is an industrial or commercial use for small sheds as well.
Construction contractors, factories, stores, and even real estate and insurance agencies can use utility buildings for such purposes as:

  • Tool sheds
  • Offices
  • Document storage
  • Break rooms
  • Materials storage
  • Pump houses
  • Drop sheds
  • Crew meeting rooms
  • Aid stations
  • Guard shacks
  • Drop points
  • Storing hazardous materials outside the main building

That is just a few of the ways sheds can be used, and we know you have your own ideas. We know salesmen who use storage sheds to drop off, and pick up sales materials, and have sales materials dropped by the carrier for them to pick up later. Some small businesses use sheds for temporary, or additional display space, or, in some cases, as the store itself.

From snow cone businesses, to construction and heavy industries,  sheds offer real world alternatives for business, commerce, and industry.