Using Sheds To Sell Real Estate

What do storage buildings and granite counter tops have in common?

To be honest with you, not a lot, but there is at least one way they are alike. They can both help you sell your home! There are a lot of things that can help to sell a house, and they are not all granite counter tops!

There are few things that can add value to the home without gutting the kitchen and bathrooms. The idea of curb appeal, is the landscaped qualities that make people want to take a look inside as they drive or walk by. The curb appeal will help to get them in. A great kitchen with, yes, you guessed it, granite counter tops will increase the homes value, as will a nice elegant bath, but you may need a little something to help seal the deal in these tough economic times, perhaps something a little more practical, something that will add value above it’s cost, and might just mean the difference between a sale and no sale.

Install a storage shed

A storage shed in the back yard may not add much curb appeal, since it is in the back yard, but it may be the final nail for the sale! Adding a storage building, adds intrinsic value to the property. It adds practical value to the property, and it adds perceived value to the property. Think about it. Your potential buyer is not just thinking about the cost, or the counter tops, he or she is thinking about moving in, possibly because of a need to down size, and is wondering where to put all that extra stuff. If they see a place to put their extra belongings, sitting neatly in the back yard, it might just be the deciding factor between your offering and someone else’s down the block!

Time and time again, in case after case, we have seen an investment ranging from a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand dollars, double it’s initial cost to the final selling price. A $3,000.00 investment, in a storage shed may add 6,000.00 to the value. Perhaps more importantly, it may just speed up the sale, and increase sales. If speeding up the process and increasing the chances for sale were the only effects, that in itself would be great. If you spent 5,000.00 and only gained 5,000.00 on the final price, but were able to sell, or sell more quickly, wouldn’t that be worth the effort?

This will work for individuals trying to sell a home, and for real estate agencies and property management companies with properties that may be languishing in the current market. The addition of a little storage space might create just enough added interest to convert.

  • They add value to the home above the cost of the investment.
  • They help to sell the home because they provide a place for movers in transition.
  • They help to speed up the decision making process, since alternative storage is no longer a factor.

At the very least, it is worth checking into.