Shed Delivery

Note about shed kits

The information provided here is for prefab storage sheds. If you are buying a storage shed kit,the kit will arrive at your place on a truck, and many of the things mentioned here will still apply, things like giving good directions are very important.

A few preliminary notes

Sheds can not be zapped into existence, or zapped into your backyard. They will not drive themselves to your place of residence when you buy them. This is important to take into account. The delivery of a storage shed will probably not happen over night. If your storage building is built especially for you, it will take a little longer still. I say this to let you know that if you want a storage building in your yard next month, you should buy it today!

If you buy a prefab storage building, you will need to have a way to get it to your home. The standard means of doing this is on a truck or trailer. In most cases, the supplier will supply this service.

Shed delivery costs

There will be a charge for this service. Don’t be fooled by claims of “free delivery”! There is no free shed delivery. You will be charged a delivery fee, if it is not listed in the paperwork, it is because it is hidden in the other costs, but it is there. There will be charges for hauling permits in some areas as well.

Shed delivery directions

You will need to give clear directions to your home so that your delivery team can get your building to you easily. You will also need to tell them how it will need to be loaded in order to off load it in the right position.

Obstacles to shed delivery

You should become aware of any potential obstacles to delivering your storage shed. Low hanging power lines or communication lines, narrow gates, and other such problems could slow or halt your delivery. It is better to know about these problems ahead of time so that the proper arrangements can be made to solve the problem.