Should You Buy Or Build A Shed

There are 2 options for shed ownership, buying, or building. There are also 2 related options,  buying a shed kit, which is really a little of both, or having a contractor build a shed for you. We will help you decide which method best meets your needs.

Buying sheds

There are lots of places to buy a storage shed, and there are several ways to buy a shed, but is buying your best option?

Advantages of buying a shed

The advantages of buying are obvious. The building is ready to use once it is set up on your lot, and it usually comes with some type of material and workmanship warranty for your protection. If you don’t have time to build, or if you lack the skills or tools to build, this may be your best option.

Disadvantages of buying a shed

The disadvantages of buying a shed are also pretty obvious. The cost will probably be higher, which can be a big concern for those of us who might be on a pretty tight budget. There is also the delivery consideration. If you have a fence with a small gate, you will either have to remove a section of fence large enough to accommodate the delivery truck, or reconsider the building option.

Building sheds

Building sheds is not beyond the skill or scope of many homeowners. It takes a little knowledge and skill, a few basic tools, and a good plan.

Advantages of building your own shed

The biggest advantage to building your shed yourself is probably the cost. If saving money is what you want to do, you can save by doing this. Other advantages include such things as the pride of building something for yourself, and complete creative control.

Disadvantages of building a shed

The disadvantages of building for yourself, are of course, the work involved in getting everything together, cutting, fastening, painting, and caulking. Plus, you have no warranty except what the materials provide.

Buying and building a shed with a kit

Shed kits are one great option for the homeowner needing storage. There was a time when many of these kits were so difficult to assemble that building from scratch was a better option. That has changed.

Advantages of kits

The advantages of using kits to build your storage building are that they can be shipped or hauled to your location, and that you don’t have to worry about getting them inside your fence.

Disadvantages of building a shed with a kit.

Kits do require some labor, and can be a little frustrating at times, depending on the type of kit you buy, and the numbers of parts and clarity of the instructions.

Have your shed built on site

Contractors and storage building suppliers will often build on site. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking this course of action?

Advantages of contractor building on site

The advantages of a contractor “built on site” shed are: Avoiding the work of building it yourself, and having a warranty for the material and workmanship.

Disadvantages of contractor building on site

The chief disadvantage to taking this route is the cost. It will probably cost about the same or slightly more than buying a small shed directly from a supplier and having it delivered, but if you don’t want to build it yourself, and don’t have a way to get a ready made shed through your fence, it could be the best answer.