Shed Kits And Shed Kit Manufacturers

This article represents a slight change in our attitude concerning storage shed kits. The products listed here are available from Sears and Amazon.

Sears is one of the oldest and most trusted suppliers of home goods in the world, and Amazon is one of the most successful online companies in the brief history of the internet. Both are trusted and reliable sources.

Shed kits: A change of heart

I once wrote a detailed article on why you should not buy a storage shed kit. I listed all the reasons that I had encountered over years of dealing with this sort of building, and the experiences of people I know had been through similar experiences. Trust me, it was a pretty compelling argument against shed kits in general and for the purchase of a prefab building from a builder or contractor. While I still think that buying local is the best option, many of the arguments used in that essay have themselves become obsolete.

Many of today’s storage building kits come with high quality materials, rational connection hardware and reasonably clear instructions. The durability seems to be good on most, and while the materials on some may be a little light compared to their contractor built counterparts, they are usually good values for the price.

I have checked out a number of the models and brands offered by Sears and Amazon and they were pretty impressive, some were just downright ingenious. There is a lot of variety in both price and quality between different manufacturers so it pays to do your research before buying.

Shed Kit Manufacturers

The most common manufacturers are: Little Cottage Company, ShelterLogic, ABSCO, Duramax
Handy Home Lifetime, Flowerhouse, Rubbermaid, Suncast, and Arrow.

Arrow Sheds

Arrow Standard Sheds have a 12 year warranty, sheet steel siding with a durable coating and a variety of sizes and colors to fit most basic needs.

Arrow Premium Sheds are said to have paint five times thicker than those of the standard shed, and have a 15 year limited warranty. Arrow also has vinyl covered sheds available.

Flowerhouse and Rubbermaid and Suncast

Sheds made by Flowerhouse and Rubbermaid are small sheds made of plastic. You don’t need to worry about rust or rot, but in spite of UV coated protection the sun may still be an enemy. The prices are reasonable, and if a small shed is what you need, they are worth looking into. Suncast also makes a larger building under the name: HomePlace.

Lifetime Products

Lifetime manufacturers a small to medium size shed built with steel reinforced polyethylene. The product is fairly priced and reasonably attractive although limited in color.

Handy Home Products

Handy Home Products runs the gamot of storage shed sizes, types and prices. The standard buildings are wood construction and can be assembled with standard carpentry tools. There are a wide variety of products and accessories from which to choose.

Little Cottage Company

Little Cottage Company products are slightly different than the standard shed kit. They are manufactured with vinyl siding and aluminum trim, but have more decoration than the average shed. Some have Gothic style windows and steeples. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, you should have a look.


ShelterLogic products are built with powder coated steel frames and polyethylene covers similar to large fitted tarps.


ABSCO products are made from high tensile steel and would fall into the light to medium duty category. Prices seem to be reasonable.


The Duramax family of sheds is made with vinyl siding. The prices and construction are comparable with other similar products.

Check for yourself

Many of these companies have products that are similar to those offered bu other companies, some have distinct differences. It would be hard to point out all the differences and similarities on this page, so you will need to do some research on your own to see what suits you best. Choose a product with a sturdy frame, durable siding, and the features you need. Be sure to check about things like floor kits windows and vents to be certain that you are comparing apples to apples.

Happy hunting!