Pole Barns: Post Frame Construction Sheds

Pole barns as sheds

Pole barns are sheds in the very essence of the word. Many pole barns have simple single direction shed roofs with no siding which are used for protecting livestock from weather.

Post frame construction advantages

That is not the end of the story with pole barns though. Pole barns, with their post frame construction can become just about any type of building you want them to be, from the simple single sloped roof type of basic cover, to more elaborate structures such as homes. Post frame construction is very strong by nature. It is tied to the ground at the base by the poles themselves. Add plumbing, a floor, electrical, walls, and a ceiling, and they are not distinguishable from a modern home, plus they can withstand wind speeds that would shred many other building types. They fit perfectly with another modern trend, that is, building with steel. Steel siding and post frame construction are made for each other. If you are planning to build your own shed or barn, post frame could be the best option for your project. Pole barns are strong, simple, easy to build, and can be finished out with the same extras that you would use with other forms of construction. Even if you do not plan to build your own barn or shed, post frame construction can be a less expensive option than other forms of construction. The strength of design allows for less material, and that coupled with the simplicity of construction can make the per square foot cost a lot less than standard methods.

Disadvantages of post frame construction

If you are building a small shed structure and portability is an issue, post frame construction is not for you, since by nature it is connected to the ground. You should consider other construction methods.

Shed Plan Review: My Shed Plans Elite

My Shed Plans Photo

The My Shed Plans course is just the thing to get you started, and not just started, but all the way to the end of the shed building project, with everything from detailed plans and drawings, to detailed instructions, and even material lists for many different buildings.

My Shed Plans has over 12,000 plans and patterns for a variety of woodworking projects suitable for the novice and professional alike, and pretty soon, even if you are new to wood working, you will be building like a pro! Your friends and neighbors will be amazed!

The information available is top notch, detailed, accurate, and understandable, unlike many of those free shed plans on the internet, The projects are well thought out, clear, and doable.

The price is very reasonable, so you can build your own storage shed for a fraction of the cost of buying one from a shed dealer and have the pride of the knowledge that you built it yourself. You will be surprised how much your self esteem will improve every time you take a trip to your back yard!

Thinking of building or buying a shed?

If you are thinking of buying or building a storage shed, utility building, or similar structure, you should at least spend some time checking out My Shed Plans before you do either, it might help you decide which route to take. If you have already decided to build a storage shed yourself, the few bucks that you spend buying this product will save you countless hours of time, days of frustration, and a lot of money in the long run.


Trust me. If you are planning to build anything, you need a comprehensive set of plans. To start a project without them is to waste time, money, and energy. The very first step in doing anything should be planning and preparation, and without this step the project is doomed to failure, or at the very least, waste and difficulty.

My Shed Plans offers a way around this problem by having all the preparations done ahead of time. You will find about 12,000 detailed shed and woodworking plans, material lists for them, and step by step procedures for carrying them out!

Saving money

You will save money by building the shed yourself, and you will avoid expensive mistakes which will save you much more than the cost of the course.

Upon completion of your project, you family, friends, and neighbors will be astonished at how great your shed looks and works, and you don’t even have to tell them that you bought the plans. We won’t tell if you don’t!

Issues with My Shed Plans

There have been issues brought up about the My Shed Plans product, but in checking them out, I am pretty sure they are more along the line of “sour grapes”, and less like something is rotten! Maybe someone had a somewhat similar plan somewhere online, and feels like it was copied, or someone else says that it is a rip off because you could find similar plans for free somewhere online.

The facts

The fact is, that if we asked 10 experienced carpenters to each build a shed of a certain size from scratch, they would probably all be very similar, and the other part of the argument sounds a lot like the; “I had that idea too, and now someone else is profiting from it.” argument. Perhaps that is true, but someone else got to the finish line earlier!

These are home shed plans and woodworking plans. This is not advanced engineering, but it is not “shade tree” either. It is right for what it is, and it is a fair price for what it offers. If you think it is not fair, then try drawing a plan, making a material list, and building the entire thing with no help or advice.

That is where the average person who would buy these plans is coming from. Sure, they could find similar plans by spending a few hours searching, but just how much is the time saved in searching, the time saved in planning, and the money saved from not wasting material worth to you? We are willing to bet that this program will save you more than it costs you!


From what we can tell, the My Shed Plans system is a good way to get plans and advice for building a great shed! No system is perfect, and I am sure this one has some flaws, but none that we could find, and none that would cause a catastrophe.

For more information go to: My Shed Plans


Sheds Are Not Just For Storage

Sheds are utility buildings, they are not just for storage.

When we think about sheds, storage sheds, or storage buildings we normally think of them as being the same thing, although there are slight nuances to each word. In reality, all of these buildings are utility buildings. They can be used for storage, and a lot more. They have both residential and commercial uses, and the ways people use them are increasing every day. They are used for both residential and commercial purposes, and even for sales and real estate.

Residential Utility Building Uses

Utility buildings for storage

Homeowners are discovering that they need more space to store things. America’s Garages are full! Life, as we live it today demands more space. That is where residential storage sheds come into play for homeowners. We have boats, lawn equipment, and all terrain vehicles that will last longer and provide better service if kept from the ravages of weather, but storage is not the only way such buildings can be utilized.

Utility buildings for other home uses

Horse barn and cabin type utility buildings

Space for all those electronic games that have become popular may not be available in the home itself, and playing Wii games, with all their healthy benefits, can take up quite a lot of space. Setting up a game room for such activities just makes good sense. Home offices, home shops, and even home gyms can become a reality with the right buildings in place.

There are other advantages for the homeowner. Adding a storage building, utility building, carport, garage, or pole barn to your property increases the value of the property beyond the cost of the building itself. If you are selling your home, it also adds that little bit of extra encouragement that may mean the difference between a short time on the market, or a long period of continued mortgage payments.

Specific residential shed uses

Storage, Boat storage, ATV storage, Tool storage, Lawn and garden Storage, Equipment storage, Game rooms, TV rooms, Poker rooms, Craft rooms Hobby rooms, Home offices, Home business storage, Document storage. There are many other ways to use these storage buildings, they are limited only to your imagination.

Commercial Utility Buildings

Of course, storage buildings can come in handy for storing things for commercial needs, but there are many more ways to utilize them.

Having an office and a tool shed on site for a construction project, an oil field project, or any other of dozens, perhaps hundreds of jobs can mean having the information, equipment, and tools you need to get the job done on time, and under budget.

Having a place to store documents, transition moves, and temporarily, or for that matter, permanently warehouse materials and products, at your location, or remote location can give you the edge. While your competition is busy traveling back and forth between expensive self storage facilities, you can be on the move right off the whistle. You can be ready to go at a moments notice with your products or tools while the other guys are stuck in cross town traffic!

You have goods and materials coming in and out, and sometimes with the vagaries of transportation, you might end up with a bottleneck. You can avoid that bottleneck by having a place to hold the products or materials that you are not yet ready to use.

Specific commercial uses

utility sheds can be used for guard shacks, tool storage, material storage, construction on site offices, drop points for shipped materials, drop points for sales materials, break rooms, and a host of other purposes which come up with individual job applications. Think about how they could help you in your job, and then contact a local dealer to see what they can do to make your job faster and more efficient.

No Credit Check Shed Financing

No credit check shed financing through lease purchase agreements

A lot of people are having trouble with credit these days, and no matter what the reason behind the problem, (it is not always of our own making) life still goes on.

A lot of people who are not having trouble with their credit are choosing to fly under the radar for a variety of reason.

If you are seeking to purchase a shed and fit into one or the other of these groups, then a storage shed rent to own program may be just right for you.

Most lease purchase or storage shed rent to own programs do not use credit checks, and in case of default, it will not ruin your credit history or make it worse.

One of the largest sectors in lease purchase storage buildings today is the folks who have had to downsize due to the housing crisis, and the other subsequent economic problems facing the country. They often find themselves with credit problems, and the downsizing has left them crunched for space, and with bad credit. That makes it difficult to make a significant purchase, and also makes such a purchase a necessity.

There are a variety of reasons that someone might choose to fly under the radar of their financial institutions, and the prying eyes of other organizations. A bad divorce, or an unrealistic financial or legal action by creditors can lead to the need to keep things off the financial record. Besides, what you buy should be your business, and not anyone else.

In both cases, shed financing through lease purchase agreements will do the trick.

Contact your local shed dealer to see if they offer one.