Permanent Or Portable Shed Which Is Best?

Sheds meet an obvious need common to most Americans, but besides storage, they can also be used for shops, garages, offices, and recreation. Most dealers offer a wide selection of buildings that can be used for a multitude of purposes for homes and businesses. So, which is right for you, a portable shed or a permanent shed?

Portable sheds

Some sheds are installed permanently on location, but there are also portable storage sheds which can be moved onto location. Portable storage barns are usually kept to a size that makes ease of transport a major consideration. That will normally be about 14 feet wide, and around 26 to 30 feet long. Most suppliers are set up for this size, but anything longer or wider may require special permits beyond the normal small building permits required in most states.

Permanent sheds

Buildings that are not built to be moved are considered permanent, although most buildings of any type are not truly permanent. Some storage barns are built on concrete slabs, some are built using post frame construction methods. Such buildings are not intended to be moved from place to place, although there are many prefabricated, or pre-engineered buildings which can be disassembled and re assembled at a new location.

Which is right for you?

Well, that is a determination you will need to make based on what use you intend for your shed in both the long and short term.

If you need a large shop, or garage, or a very large amount of storage space, a permanent shed may be the best solution. If you just need a craft room, a hobby shop, a small amount of storage space, or you plan to move the shed at some latter date, go portable.